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Oxycodone: All you want to know before buying

. It belongs, opioid group medication.

. It sold under the brand name OxyContin.

. It is used for the cure of moderate to severe

range of pain and also for the common drug of abuse.

. It is taken by mouth.

. Its effects of treatment begin from 15 minutes

lasted up to 5 to 7 hours.

. It also available through injection in a few


. other medicine including paracetamol, naloxone,

aspirin is given in combination with Oxycodone.

. It is mentioned under schedule II of united

states administration which is also called

controlled Substances Act ( CSA ).

. It is generally taken by mouth about 60 -90%

. It is excreted mostly through urine.

. It is safe during the initial pregnancy period.

. It is first made in 1916 in Germany.

Medical utilization

It is used mainly for controlling and managing

acute and chronic pain. it also taken underutilization if another treatment is not fulfilled the requirements.

Oxycodone online overnight USA

It taken in the form capsules and tablets in every 12 hours means 2 doses a day. The duration of effects of this is ranging from 10 – 12 hours. Action is being extended or contracted depends upon the medical condition of the patient and medical product combination.

It is available as controlled-release tablets in the united states of America, it is found that extended-release form oxycodone get assent for children and the young age of teenagers.

It used for cancer pain, trauma pain, and surgical pain.

Side effects –

 As it work as a pain killer that’s why it somehow cause damage to the pain reception and sensitivity toward pain decreases which including euphoria, feeling relaxed, and  respiratory depression.

Common side effect including –

Constipation, nausea, somnolence these three side effect having a majority occurring in the patients and also most Common effects appear in the patient due to the use of oxycodone.

Vomiting, dizziness, and itching these three have medium range of occurrence in which vomiting and dizziness are common in normal people due to lack of food and water is the main reason for come about.

Mouth dryness or lack of saliva and unatural sweatingstart happening.

Less common side effects include loss of Appetite means lack of hunger, nervousness, stomach ache, having hiccups.

Most of the side effect becomes ineffective over time.

How we get rid of it?

It a very challenging and risky task for the patient and doctors also to get rid of the patient from medical dependency. As we notice that to withdrawing a person from the addiction to any medicine it involves different levels or stages and a long period of time about weeks, the month also years depend upon the criticalness of patient situations.

Withdrawing dependency under short length of time increases the chance of the happening of extra sever disorders either related to the Central nervous system or other body parts as it seen most of the cases central nervous system affected due to early or poor withdrawal.

People who use doses higher than what prescribed cause even dangerous circumstances and become a cause for a severe syndrome of withdrawal. Syndrome includes.

Anxiety, depression, nausea, insomnia, muscle impairs and feelings of weakness. Every physician recommend not taking any medicine which has that much severe side effects for the pregnant lady.

  • It is reported that the symptoms of withdrawal also been seen in a pregnant lady who intakes it orally or by injecting including fever, muscle pain & weakness.
  • It reported that taking heavy doses oxycodone with other opioids cause low rate of sex hormone production and reduce hormone level.
  1. Is oxycodone is better than another painkiller?

Oxycodone and hydrocodone are similar in work efficiency but the action and power of oxycodone is in surplus hydrocodone. It Based on individual present and past medical information and Condition. The decision of the medication is in the hand of Doctors by analyzing patient health and prescribed medication accordingly.

Many doctors prescribed medicines have low power and minimum side effect in the first prescription to counter future health consequences. If medicines in the first prescription do not show Any positive effects then the Patient must consult with doctors for further treatment using medication.

2 . How oxycodone work?

As oxycodone belongs to a group of medicine called opioids or narcotics. Oxycodone is a medicine which is effects central nervous of the human brain and it capable of blocking pathway through which pain-related signal passes from CNS to organ and organ to CNS and that’s how it reduces strain and strain anxiety.

3. How much time is taken to work?

This depends on fast and slow type oxycodone as fast Acting oxycodone take 30 to 60 minutes to work and it lasted 4 to 6 hours only. Whereas slow Acting oxycodone tablets cable to take 1 to 2 hours to work and it lasted longer for pain relief.

Slower Acting oxycodone tablets are better performance as it takes half an hours to initiate but it effects last longer which is abetter option.

  1. Can I become Addicted to oxycodone?

yes,but the possibilities are being addicted to oxycodone is rare. If a patient can take any oxycodone under the prescription of an experienced doctor then chances of Addiction automatically reduced.

But if patients can take more amount than the amount needed for pain reduction and Avoid doctor’s prescription and use it for longer period of time than the probability of Addiction increases.

 How do I know that I am addicted?

For knowing that how we addicted to oxycodone is the want of oxycodone is increases then sufficient. You may not feel well After taking oxycodone you feel relaxed and you start suffering from the symptoms of sudden withdrawal of oxycodone . Including:

. feeling nervousness, Agitation

. problem in sleeping

. panic Attacks

. sweating

. nausea

. muscle pain and muscle weakness.

. fever

. Anxiety .

. low sex hormone level .

It is best to take the recommendation of a doctor regarding addiction and it’s withdrawal to aware of future health issues.

Oxycodone online overnight USA

How I take oxycodone?

It is commonly taken by mouth and available in controlled released tablets and immediate release oxycodone tablets and also by oral solutions which is rare.

Which country has the maximum number of user?

The U.S- United States has the maximum number of users according to 2017 report as U.S Administration allows its use to different age group of people.

What are oxycodone brand name?

Oxycodone generally come under the brand name oxymoron, oxycontin, endone, proladone, Targin.

Is oxycodone expensive?

In the USA United States of America

medical shops pricing for brand oxycontin ranges

50$ to 80$ which seems expensive but generic

Oxycodone prices vary 5$ to 7$ per tablet. These prices continuously keep changing.